Shooting Clinic: Grades 7-12 Georgetown, SC Choppee Center Passed

Skills Clinic

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Shooting Clinic 

Choppee Center, Georgetown SC 29440

May 15th 3pm-6pm

Grades 7-12. $35

18 player maximum!!!

Cramer Basketball’s most popular clinic!

Coach Cramer’s Shooting Clinic is one of his most sought after events. This camp is great for both new and experience players. This camp breaks down shooting from the foundation to the fingertips on the follow through. Players will leave camp with the knowledge, drills and improved skill to become the shot maker that every team needs.  Many players shoot well in practice but cannot take and make game shots. This clinic provides game situation drills and details making players more comfortable taking and making game shots, whether it be off the catch, dribble, reads without the ball and more.  Cramer will also talk about the very important and often untaught area of the shooters mentality. See why these camps sell out on a regular basis.

This camp provides game situation drills and details making players more comfortable taking and making game shots off the catch and dribble. This camp will cover:

  • Spot Ups
  • Relocations
  • Pull Ups
  • Cutting

This camp will also go into detail about one of the key secrets to being a great shooter, “shot selection.”

  • Improve accuracy
  • Each player will get the chance to diagnose their own shot
  • Speed up a players release and improve accuracy
  • Covers common principles that make for great shooters
  • Covers common shooting errors many player have
  • Covers the areas that great shooters have in common and the common mistakes many shooters make
  • Cramer’s Four Phases of Form Shooting
  • How to increase shooting range
  • Competitive shooting drills players can perform by themselves or with a friend

Spots are limited.

Georgetown South Carolina

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