Virtual Ball-Handling Clinic: Zoom

/Virtual Ball-Handling Clinic: Zoom

Virtual Ball-Handling Clinic: Zoom

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Virtual Ball-Handling Clinic: Zoom


Saturday, 10:00AM to 10:45AM
September 5, 2020


Steve Cramer

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Virtual Ball-Handling Clinic: Zoom


Saturday, 10:00AM to 10:45AM
September 5, 2020


Welcome to Cramer Basketball’s Ball Handling Workout

Grades 5-10 welcome!

Only $6

This workout features a variety of ball handling drills combined with Coach Cramer’s in game moves off the dribble. Expect a high intensity camp, even by Cramer Basketball standards.

Players will gain a much deeper understanding of the drills they can perform to handle the basketball at an extremely high level. They will gain a higher basketball IQ and understanding of what moves work in games and why. Coach Cramer will explain how timing, situation and small details are just as important as any basketball skill or move.

We look forward to having you at our workout, seeing you on screen, and having some fun, while we improve our game!

When you register online.

NOTE: You do not need a hoop for these workouts! Coach Cramer will be showing you a variety of skills that you can perform to improve your game from his garage. You simply need a basketball and some space to move, change direction, jump, shuffle and sweat!

Grades: 5-10

Time: 10-10:40am ET (approximately 35 minues)


Here is what you need to participate:

  • Great attitude.
  • Water Bottle.
  • Basketball.
  • 10x10ft. of space.
  • No basketball hoop required for this workout. (we are looking into reserving a private gym to record virtual workouts for you)
  • Digital device to live stream the workout via the internet, smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc…

Leading up to Saturday you will receive a private URL link through the Zoom video platform to join our workout.

Our live-streaming platform will be Zoom.

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