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Skill Camps

Cramer camps challenge players to think about the game of basketball on a higher level. They also give them the tools to understand and enjoy the process of improvement. Through this process, players gain the knowledge of what it takes to train on their own at a high and efficient level.

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Team & Individual Training

Cramer can also be contacted to provide or travel for individual, group or team training. Cost depends on travel time, number in group/team and amount of lessons purchased. Contact us today to setup training sessions. 

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Visit our online store and check out our latest products. New products added regularly so check back often.

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“The best I have seen. I Learned a lot as a coach from his camp. His attention to detail is awesome. Our players loved his camp. His demonstrations of skills earned the players trust in a hurry.”

Tim Davis

“All of the Cramer camps are well organized. They focus on not only fundamental teachings, but the “whys” behind each fundamental. Cramer Basketball is an excellent source for basketball knowledge and teaching!”

Jeff Yorke

“Coach Cramer is “the” guy you want if your looking to increase your basketball skills. He breaks down in detail every skill needed and cares about making you a better basketball player.”

Thomas Pechette

“Very well run camp, one of the best I’ve ever been to. Efficient, packs a lot of teaching in a short period of time.”

Mike Snyder

“Coach Cramer is second to none. I could go on all day about his attention to detail, ability to breakdown skills, basketball IQ or state of the art teaching practices. However, what sets Coach Cramer apart is that he truly CARES about each and every player he works with, from the second grader at his camps to the professional player he coaches. Bringing him into our program and having players attend his clinics is one of the best things we have going for us.”

Anthony Troshak

“My boys have been attending Cramer camps for several years and always look forward to his events. We are members of his online training program and have found it to be very beneficial.”

Michelle Kabban

“He truly knows the game and has a way of breaking it down to make it very understandable. In today’s day and age with everyone knowing everything and trying to be a personal trainer/coach, there is no on that can come as close to Coach Cramer with the experiences and fundamental teaching.”

Brandon Deacons

“In the world of basketball instruction, no one works harder than Steve Cramer. His top notch program will take any elementary, middle school, high school or college player to the next level. With up-to-date online training, his program is as innovative as any basketball instruction out there.”

Adam Arnold

Our Mission

Cramer Basketball’s mission is to provide the highest level of player development through detailed instruction, personal motivation, innovative skill development, and challenging each player to think the game on a higher level. Cramer’s foundation is based on faith, passion, service and sacrifice not only in the game of basketball but in life.

Cramer uses his passion for the game and his love of teaching to provide skill development that is rarely, if at all, found. His many life experiences through the years both as a player, coach, and teacher, combined with his faith, strong work ethic, and attention to detail, not only enhance a players individualskill, but also teach them lifelong values.

Cramer seeks to give players a better understanding of the game of basketball and the tools to understand and enjoy the process of improvement. Through this process, players gain the knowledge of what it takes to train on their own at a high and efficient level.

Cramer teaches players how to enhance all aspects of their game as well as athletic development, leadership characteristics, and understanding of the game.

Cramer provides various types of skill camps, and team, individual, and small group training. He is also available for speaking and demonstrations.

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