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Skill Camps

Through high intensity and detailed instruction, these camps help thousands of players each year improve
their game. Cramer also creates private camps for basketball coaches and programs, helping them exactly in the areas they need. Cramer camps challenge players to think about the game of basketball on a higher level.
Gain the tools to understand and enjoy the process of improvement.

Team & Individual Training

Cramer can also be contacted to provide or travel for individual, group or team training. Coach Cramer designs workouts specific to the needs of each program he works with. Cost depends on travel time, number in group/team and amount of lessons purchased. Contact us today to setup training sessions.

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Coach's Corner

For years Coach Cramer has been creating a membership specifically for basketball coaches. With the help of fellow high school and college coaches, Coach’s Edge was created. This membership provides, coaches with the tools and support to coach and lead a program effectively.

Our Mission

Cramer Basketball’s mission is to provide the highest level of player development through detailed instruction, personal motivation, innovative skill development, and challenging each player to think the game on a higher level. Cramer’s foundation is based on faith, passion, service and sacrifice not only in the game of basketball but in life.

Cramer uses his passion for the game and his love of teaching to provide skill development that is rarely, if at all, found. His many life experiences through the years both as a player, coach, and teacher, combined with his faith, strong work ethic, and attention to detail, not only enhance a player’s individual skill, but also teach them lifelong values.

Cramer seeks to give players a better understanding of the game of basketball and the tools to understand and enjoy the process of improvement. Through this process, players gain the knowledge of what it takes to train on their own at a high and efficient level.

Cramer teaches players how to enhance all aspects of their game as well as athletic development, leadership characteristics, and understanding of the game.

Coach Cramer’s basketball instruction has taken him around the country and even internationally. 

Cramer provides various types of skill camps, and team, individual, and small group training and online coaching memberships. He is also available for speaking and demonstrations.

Let's Get Better!

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Coach's Edge Training App

In 2017 Steve Cramer developed an online player development program. It was designed for players, but nearly 1/2 of the memberships belonged to high school basketball coaches looking for skill development programs, workouts and drills for their teams.

This was when Cramer realized the need for coaches to receive access to not only skill development, but all of the tools needed to build and maintain an elite level program. This solves the issue for coaches to look in so many directions to find all the needs of their program.

What has been years in the making, now provides the solution for coaches. The Coach’s Edge gives basketball programs the tools, knowledge and a blueprint for success, while spending less time searching for a solution to their needs.

Training Corner

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